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Battle of the best

Where musicians battle it out.

Battle of the Best

Musicians battle it out.

26 July 2024 on the Main Stage! Starting at 13:00!

Homegrown, local talent will have the opportunity to battle it out to be the top talent and walk away with a R 100 000.00 cash prize & a developmental record deal by The David Gresham Record Company, valued at R 150 000.00 as well as equipment valued at R 100 000.00 from Tuerk Music Technologies.

Battle of the Best Entry Form

Entries close on 30 May 2024.

To enter the MusicEx Battle of the Best. Where Musicians battle it out, you must complete all fields. You must have uploaded your recorded music to YouTube, as you must share the link on this entry form. We will not be judging you on the quality of the video or recording. We seek artists who possess a natural, authentic presence. Our preference lies in content that transcends the polished studio aesthetic, akin to the casual, phone-camera recordings. Emphasising the unedited, organic nature of the material, we encourage straightforward postings. This approach benefits both parties involved, assuming a high level of talent is demonstrated.

If you play your own music, you can enter, either as a single artist or a group of musicians of any kind, or genre. All are welcome!

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By clicking ‘Submit’ I confirm that I have read the terms and conditions and that we will abide by them.

Please note that the judges' decision will be final and that the organisers cannot be held responsible for any entries that were not received.

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