The journey into music creation and enjoyment.

MusicEx will feature various exhibitors that speak to the different facets of music creation and enjoyment. The exhibition is for novices and experienced musos alike, and we welcome beginners and those who enjoy music.

MusicEx gives the exhibitor the opportunity to engage with music enthusiasts, aspiring musicians and professionals.

Exhibit at MusicEx

  • Gain new clients.
  • Promote your brand & product to your target audience.
  • MusicEx will offer exhibitors a highly engaged audience.
  • Appeal to potential clients.
  • Understand what the market needs and offer solutions to speak to that.
  • Meet your online clients face to face and encourage loyalty.
  • Strengthen your brand by growing your business through new opportunities.
  • Grow your database.


  • Hospice WIts

The Packages

Our floor plan offers exhibitors the opportunity to book stand sizes that suit their budget.

Space only

By booking floor space, the exhibitor can create a custom stand that speaks to their brand.


Shell Scheme

Booking the shell scheme option streamlines the process slightly for the exhibitor. With this option, exhibitors can personalise their stand with unique graphics & furniture.

MusicEx Marketplace

The Marketplace will reminisce a thrift experience where buyers will find treasures from pre-loved items such as vinyl, CDs & instruments.

For the Marketplace, exhibitors can choose a shell scheme package that includes display furniture.

Look at our Layout:

Areas of interest:
The exhibition in Hall 3
Live Music on the Main stage in Hall 2
Music Lounge in the Grill
Festival lane
Buskers Corner
Learning Experience on the stage in Hall 3


Are you a: